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The Lux Experience Ceremony

Photographer : Travis Daniels Photography

Your Wedding Photographer

Quality is key! Travis handles this key by putting the skills he learned while playing football professionally into his successful photography business. Making the transition to full-time Photography and entrepreneurship as the CEO of Travis Daniels Photography from NFL Player was seamless for Travis. He got started in his photography career by taking photos for his teammate’s families in Kansas City. Then quickly became the 1st Credentialed NFL Player to shoot at the Pro Bowl, talk about handling your keys correctly. 

Travis' passion for photography has stemmed from his love for family, which is why he specializes in Weddings. Preparing for weddings and lifestyle (maternity, family, and sports) shoots has been similar to how Travis prepared for game day.

He knows there are no two games alike just like there are no two weddings alike. He study’s in preparation for his client’s big day just as he would prior to every game. He does that by researching the Venue and making sure there is a solid game plan for his team to execute. The gift of capturing those priceless moments has been a driving force behind his style of photography. He wants his clients to relive their entire day through the story he is able to capture, behind the lens. For Travis, QUALITY IS KEY, and nothing else matters.  

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