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Wedding Planning

Giving our team  full control of the look and feel of the wedding from Start to finish. Our Lead Planner/Designer Melisa Brown will organize and manage your wedding. You relax while we make your dream a reality!

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Lux Experience

The Lux Experience is your gateway to creating one of a kind luxury events that will leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

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Social Events

If each client is unique, then why shouldn’t each event be unique?

Since the first meeting with our clients, we have a target in mind: every single element of the event has to reflect their taste and their vision. So why not trust the best?

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Private Parties



Baby Shower 

Our Team offers a uniquely stunning range of event planning services Our planning services are lifetime experience, on the most important and memorable  day of your life.


Birthday Celebration

Our Events are designed exclusively for one special client at a time!

We will customize your event to enhances the excitement and fun you’ll have at  your Event. We pride ourselves in customizing each event to our clients style and taste. Looking for that next Lux Experience!

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Private Events

An imaginative spirit and an eye for design addition to designing stylish and remarkable celebrations, the Lux Experience Team will create a once in a lifetime intimate event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

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Corporate Events



Launch Party 

Your launch party should certainly have that personal touch. From a product launch, label, magazine, store opening you name it.. 


Corporate Parties

Lux Experience Team will  take care of everything from day one!

Between the first meeting and the project presentation, you will be  best-matched with south Florida's Top Vendors. from floral design, production, photography, videography, stylists, musicians, craftsmen… that will allow us  to turn your wishes into reality.

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Lux Experience 3 Day

From Weddings to Social Events, Private Parties and Joyous Occasions, it’s about creating an unforgettable experience that takes the guest through a day, an evening, or even a weekend-long celebration that is reflective of that client.

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Corporate Events


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Our Lux Master Class Program. provides hospitality, entrepreneur, event professionals the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their craft. 

It's never too late to learn new tools and strategies, As the industry evolve so must we!  



Lux Experience Team loves to partner with industry professionals who loves to connect, promote and brand 

services and events. Join our Referral Program and earn an income from connecting 

Potential clients, Brands, Products, Companies, Hospitality and more.

Join The Team 

& Be the Next 

Lux Ambassador 

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Looking to launch a new Product, Service or Experience? Looking to partner and collaborate with different  vendors and industry professionals..? Look no further! Contact us to learn more about our networking event and how you can be a sponsor or the headliner for the event. 

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